Waste Management Awareness

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Many people are not aware that we are now in the stage, where waste management already needs focus. Some are not yet aware that waste is already a problem in many cities and this is the reason why we are not doing something to help in suppressing this issue. It could have been better if we are all concern about how we dispose waste. But, the thing is that we just keep on generating waste. If this continues, then wastes will just keep on coming from all parts of the city. That could either come from residential and commercial areas.

The time has come to do something that is helpful. Why can’t we be responsible citizens and practice waste management. Do you know that this is something about treating wastes and giving solutions on how we are going to recycle or reuse it instead of simply throwing everything in the bin? If you cannot practice such, then there won’t be enough space to keep the garbage. We should not let that happen or else we will all end up with contaminated land and water. Therefore, we will all suffer from different illnesses. Let us all be serious in dealing with this issue before it’s too late.

Impact to the Environment

Do you know improper waste disposal may lead to a serious problem that may greatly affect the environment? We all know that we have landfills and collected garbage is directed there. Some of them just dig a hole and bury the garbage there. But, we cannot really determine the contents of the collected garbage. What if there are wastes there that will not rot? When that happens, garbage will actually produce bad odor and may even generate a methane gas. That will actually explode and affect the greenhouse. There will also be a production of leachate that will cause pollution.

What to do with our wastes?

The best thing that we can do is to reduce our waste at home because one of the major contributors of waste is from household use. So, what do you think shall we do to help in reducing the production of wastes?

If we are going to the supermarket or shopping malls, then it would be best to bring our own shopping bags. In such way, we can reduce collecting plastic or paper bags. Pretty sure that after shopping, you will just throw those paper and plastic bags away.

If you have empty containers at home, either plastic or bottle, then do not throw them away if it is still usable. Why don’t you think of other foods or spices to fill in those containers? In such way, you are not throwing them away, instead you are reusing these containers.

Do you bring your own jug or bottle in school or your workplace? Most establishments today are using plastic or paper cups for drinking. After use, you will just throw them away, right? Now, if you are going to carry your own bottle or jug in school or your workplace, then you can help in reducing waste.

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The Effects of Improper Waste Disposal

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It could have been better if every individual is concerned about proper waste disposal because various problems, such as pollution and sickness may arise due to hazardous wastes that contaminates the land and water near the communities. If only you are aware about the effects of improper waste disposal, then you will realize that we have to be responsible in managing waste properly.

You should know that the government has rules and regulations regarding waste disposal, so if you are a responsible citizen of your country, then you must learn to follow the rules. If not, then you will just contribute in generating waste as well as various waste disposal problems.

What do you think will happen if improper waste disposal continues in your country, particularly in your community? Think about a community and an environment with scattered waste everywhere and then, you will find mountains made of tons of junk. That would surely look pathetic, right? Anyway, we have here a list of the possible effects of the improper waste disposal to the environment and to the economy.

Water contamination

If human beings will keep on throwing their garbage and then, if factories will not stop disposing hazardous chemicals in the ocean or rivers, then water will be contaminated. Those wastes will change whatever organic composition is present in the water. Technically speaking, the water is polluted, affecting the habitat and ecosystem in the water. Therefore, it is a threat and it will harm the marine animals.

Land contamination

When contaminants or various hazardous chemicals get into the land, then it would surely harm the plants as well as land animals. Not only that, if human beings would eat those plants, then that will affect their wellness or health.

Air Pollution

When those hazardous chemicals and various garbage are improperly disposed, then it can cause air pollution. This will greatly affect the respiratory system of the people in the community. This is not a good idea because it might even bring more serious problems to your health.


Water trickles may be formed in contaminated areas. This might also contain mixed chemicals and substances that will destroy the land and water nearby. It will surely lead to toxic contamination of the land and water.

Economic Effect

Can you imagine a town with such dirty and smelly environment? Who do you think would like to come and visit such places? Towns with such kind of environment will surely have an unhealthy lifestyle. In that case, tourists will not even come to visit your place and no entrepreneur would even want to invest business there. This town will look like an outcast in the society. Please, do not let that happen.

There are also recycling programs that the government offers to every community. Every resident must participate in such activities, so that they can help in reducing waste as well as in managing wastes. These people should know that programs, such as recycling and reusing wastes can be another source of income. That thing would be an advantage to them.

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Why is Waste Management important?

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As human beings, we have a very important role in the world. As of now, we are still surviving because wastes are still collected. But, are we really doing our part? How much waste do you generate every day? Are you doing something to lessen the amount of waste or you just simply contribute without even considering how much you have?

We must learn the value of waste management before it’s too late because every resident, business establishments and factories produce tons of wastes in a day. Think about the capacity of our landfills. If those tons of wastes will just keep on coming, then we will surely have mountains made out of rubbish. Do you really want this to happen? Of course, we should not let this worse scenario to exist.

If only we can have a full and clear understanding of how important waste management is, then waste disposal will never be an issue. Waste management is not the sole obligation and responsibility of the government or the authorities. Every citizen must participate and cooperate with the programs regarding waste management, such as recycling. In such way we can lessen the amount of wastes disposed every day.

Protecting the Environment

Do you know that wastes, especially improper waste disposal affects the environment? There are even those who dumps their wastes on the water. And then, these rotten wastes on the landfills even produce dangerous gases. Those activities will surely destroy the environment if not given an immediate action.

What will happen to the environment if people will continue doing those kinds of abuse? Of course, the water will be polluted and so with the air that we are inhaling every day. This kind of environment destruction will affect the habitat of the animals.

Fishes will not survive in a dirty water. How can they eat and swim freely in the water? How can the small fishes grow? Do you want to end up with rivers and oceans without fishes on it? People eat sea foods and there are also those who earns money from it. Therefore, we are also affected. So, we better think about this and consider it as a major concern.

Protecting the Health of every Individual

We cannot live in a dirty environment. Insects and other animals stay on the rotten garbage. If we will also live with them, then our health is at risk. We can get various illnesses in such dirty environment. It may even start from a simple sickness and end up with an epidemic that may kill thousands of lives. If we care for our health, then we should start disposing wastes properly and start reducing waste.

There are factories releasing chemicals that are harmful to the environment, to the people living near the factories and to the people working in those factories. People will also acquire health problems due to the chemicals that are inhaled every day. If these factories will not do anything to keep the health of these people and the environment, then a disaster may happen.

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