How can you help in reducing waste

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How can you help in Reducing Waste?

Do you know that we are generating bulks of waste every day? But, the collection of these wastes happens with the schedule. There are so many residential and commercial buildings to collect from. So, garbage collectors cannot manage to collect our wastes daily. There are even villages, where collection is scheduled just once a week. So, in that case too much waste is expected during the collection.

As concerned citizens, we should also consider the amount of waste we generate. Especially, if we already know that wastes are stored in the bins for days. If we are not lucky enough and missed the garbage collector, then expect bad odor coming from your bins.

We should avoid such situations happen. But, what we actually need most is to reduce the waste that these collectors are going to collect every week.

How much do you understand waste, anyway? When we talk about waste, this is actually unwanted and discarded stuffs, materials or substances. Most of these come from residential houses, factories and various business establishments. There are even various ways of generating these wastes. It could be in a form of solid or liquid wastes. What’s really dangerous is the improper disposal of hazardous wastes.

Ways to reduce waste

It could have been better if we can all contribute in reducing wastes. This is not only about what residents must do. But, this is also something that factories and various business establishments must do. We have here a few ways on how we can reduce waste.

  • Residential Sites

Are you aware that we produce tons of household wastes? Do you know what kind of wastes do we have at home? We have toiletries, food scraps, bottled or canned beverages, garden wastes and hazardous waste, such as old paints, insecticides, pesticides, used automobile oil, used batteries and old electronic devices.

If you will notice, you can find 80% of those wastes in every house. So, how do you manage keeping or storing and disposing them? It could have been better if everything is properly disposed, for example in Western Australia you can search for skip bin hire Perth to hire a skip bin for waste disposal. But, the goal is how you can reduce waste at home.

We can’t avoid using pesticides and insecticides because it is also necessary for home use, but you must get a bottle ready for refilling. In such way, you do not always need to dispose your hazardous containers. For your old and unused paints, it would be best to give it to those who need it rather than disposing the paint.

  • Commercial Sites

There are factories, who generates scraps to come up with a certain product. Instead of disposing the scrap, they must use this as a raw material. In such a way, they are not only reducing waste, but they are also saving money used to buy raw materials.

Some of the materials that they usually need are paper, plastic, glass and metal. It could have been better if they can collect such materials from household wastes to reduce waste going to the landfills. Anyway, factories can always consider this as long as the process of recycling such materials will be introduced to their system.

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