Recycling and Reusing ideas at home

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Are you aware that we are now in the stage, where waste management is becoming a problem due to the uncontrollable amount of waste generated every day? If you do know, then what steps are you doing to lessen the production of waste? It could have been better, if we are all concerned with disposing wastes properly because many people out there just keeps on generating waste instead of doing something to lessen the amount of waste.

If you will see how much waste you have at home, then you will realize that it is either you are helping or not in solving waste management issues. Well, if you have not done anything good yet to help solve the problem, then the time has come for you to make a move and you can start this at home.

Do you know that there are wastes that you can recycle at home? What’s really good with recyclable wastes, such as paper, plastic and aluminum is that you can sell them to the junk shops. But, of course, aside from that, you can do a lot of things. So, do not dump those wastes if you can get money out of it or if you have your own ways to recycle them. Anyway, if you have not thought about how you are going to recycle your wastes at home, then we have here a few ideas for you to do.

Flower Pots

One of the coolest collection of plants today is the different varieties of cactus. Most of these plants are not really growing tall. Let’s say that they can only grow by 3 to 5 inches tall because of the small pots, where they are planted. There are a lot of plastic bottles or containers in our kitchen. So, instead of throwing them after you empty them, why not clean and use it as a pot.

Flower Vase

Pretty sure that you also have empty bottles at home. Do not throw them away because you can use these bottles as a flower vase. Do you know that there are a lot of small restaurants and cafeterias today, who are using empty glass bottles as a flower vase? It could have been better if you have a garden at home, so that you will not need to buy flowers instead, you will just go to the garden and pick some for your vase.


Do you have old clothes that you do not really want to use? If you do, then why don’t you donate them to the orphanage? Pretty sure that they will appreciate it. There are people out there who are in need of clothing, so it would be best to extend some help.

If you have clothes that cannot be used again. Let’s say that these pieces are worn out or with huge damages, then do not throw them away. You may cut them into several pieces. And then, roll each piece like long sausages. Now, get a needle and thread, then sew them together in any shape that you want. After that, you may use it as a foot rag.

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