Our Laws

The Compose USA has all the rights over the write ups posted on the CUSA Blog. Whoever is caught using the contents of our blog illegally or maliciously will be subject to investigation and interrogation. We are a team, who are sincere with this kind of public service because we care about the future of the environment and the next generation. So, we would like everybody to please give due respect to our blog.

We do not also allow writers to send us write ups under other blog’s content. We only post original content and writers or any member of our team, who copies other’s work will be banned from our team and will not be accepted again to join us.

Other organizations are welcome to join us as long as they will not overrule our policies and board. We only publish articles that have something to do with waste management. So, other topics are not accepted in our blog. Please, be reminded that we have limits here.

And then, for our dear readers, who would like to post their comments. We do not allow bad words in the blog, so we are sorry if we will omit comments containing such to avoid collision.