Our Goal

We in the Compose USA are a group of individuals, who are concerned with the environment and we are against improper waste disposal. We have a common goal and that is to spread waste management awareness not only in the United States, but all over the world. It is through the Compose USA or CUSA Blog that we can achieve our common goal.

We would like our valued readers to know how important waste management is and we would like them to learn it here. Through our publication, we can give information, tips and ways on how people can reduce and recycle waste. We are doing this to save our environment and because we care for the lives of every human being.

Through this website blog, we can encourage our readers to start recycling and reducing their waste at home, in school, in their workplace and in the community. With our help, we can build a society and we can say that it is safe.

Our team is just concerned in helping solve the issues regarding waste disposal problems. If we are not going to start moving, then we will all end up in a disaster. Let us all care and be one of us.