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Tips on solving electronic waste problems

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Today’s technology is developing so fast. A new and more advanced technology is developed and manufactured every day. And as human beings, we are used in buying the latest electronic devices. That is why if you are going to check your gadgets, you can find the old ones kept in the storage rooms. After some time, we do not want to keep them again. This is the reason why many electronic devices are dumped every day. Some of these are already old and kept long time that is why you can’t use them again.

It could have been better if we all know how to dispose those electronic devices properly. Do you know that those devices are called electronic wastes or e-wastes. They are called wastes because you already discarded them. If only you can reuse or resell them for recycling purposes, then it will be properly disposed.

Hazardous materials on the e-waste

Do you know that these electronic devices contain hazardous chemicals, too? That is why proper disposal is necessary or else we will be the ones affected.

  • Brominated Flame Retardants

This is the chemical that is found on plastic casings as well as circuit boards and you cannot break these materials easily. Do you know that if you are exposed to this chemical, then you may suffer from impaired learning and it will affect your memory functions?

  • Lead

This substance is found on Cathode Ray Tubes or CRT monitors. This will affect the child’s intellectual impairment as well as damaging the nervous system and reproductive system.

  • Cadmium

You can find this compound in the rechargeable batteries. It will greatly affect your bones and kidneys.

  • Mercury

This chemical is found on flat screen displays. It affects the central nervous system and may also damage a child’s early development of the brain.

  • Hexavalent Chromium

This chemical is used in the producing metal housings. It is hazardous and can affect your health.

  • Polyvinyl Chloride

This material is used in wire or cable insulation. This may affect the environment.

Possible Solutions

We need to do something to lessen the amount of e-wastes dumped every day. We have here a few solutions that may apply at home and in our workplace. If we can all do the following solutions, then we can contribute in dropping down the rate of e-waste problems.

  • Repairing electronic devices will allow people to have access on using a low-cost electronic devices. It will also help them to access the best benefits of this technology.
  • This is a great opportunity for skilled workers to have repairing jobs. If we keep on buying new electronic devices every time we encounter small issues or problems, then why not just bring it to the technicians for inspection and then can simply repair. Through that you can save some money than spending for a new one.
  • There are countries, who do not use the old models of electronic devices. While there are also those who buy them for recycling or just for reusing. So, why not sell those old models to those companies or people rather than just throwing them away, right?

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